Tojiro Zen Chestnut Paring Knife 9cm

Tojiro Zen 3-Layer Paring Knife, 9 cm Blade
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This versatile kitchen knife is perfect for handling small items. Its short fine blade makes the knife easy to maneuver and its pointed tip helps to remove unwanted parts from vegetables and fruits. The traditional Japanese-style handle is extremely light and fits the hand well.
Blade material – High quality 3-layer stainless steel
Rockwell hardness – HRC 58 +/-1
Weight – 40 g
Handle material – Chestnut grip secured with a plastic ferrule
Tojiro Zen DP series represent the essence of Tojiro's philosophy which boils down to one word: selflessness. In the search for a successful fusion of modern style and Japanese tradition, Fujitora Industry has created a reasonably priced range of quality knives with Japanese-style handles and professional blades. The 3-layer or 2-layer cobalt alloy steel is made from Swedish iron ore which has strong resistance to rust and retains sharpness for a long time. The classic, D-shaped handles are secured with a durable, plastic ferrule.