The Japanese name Nagomi means “harmony and comfort”. The concept behind this unique series of knives is to promote simplicity, functionality, beauty and strength, both in food preparation and in shared meals. Since its establishment in 1873, Mitsuboshi Cutlery Co., Ltd. has paved the way for the development of cutlery industry in Seki, Japan, a town known for centuries for Samurai sword making. Over the span of more than 140 years, the company has acquired technical expertise and understanding of technological innovation which is fully reflected in their modern designs.

Nagomi knives are produced painstakingly piece by piece, with careful control of the chemical composition of the blade material, the change in molecular structure during quenching, and many other important processes. The 440A stainless steel is processed using special technique to provide balance between excellent edge-holding abilities and easy sharpening. The final step, the sharpening of the blade, is done personally by the master craftsman.